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Still alive, but struggling.

So, I haven’t updated this Tumblr in quite a while. In fact, I haven’t done much of anything in this corner of the internet for quite a while. I had to take a step back as my depression and anxiety starting inching up over me. And I was organizing both my family’s cross-town escape from a crumbling house and my own move from one corner of the Eastern seaboard to another.

The problem is, moving is expensive. I ended up paying for a second moving van for my family when no one had suggested to me that we might need more than one. I was also told that my $300 in shipping charges for sending my things to my new (functional, non-emotionally-abusive) home would be charged to me through the mail, to be paid next month, but instead they were charged to my credit card yesterday. I was also surprised with a $125 bill for some apartment things I didn’t know my roommate didn’t already have.

My school doesn’t release my financial aid for several weeks. As of right now, I am maxed out on my one line of credit, and I have no money to load onto transit cards or pay my cell phone bill this month. I can’t ask my mom for money because she’s just as poor as I am. The rest of my family is estranged.

I’m skipping refilling my medication this month because my doctor prescribes it in such a way that I have enough left to get me through the month. My girlfriend said she would cover my groceries. My other roommate will take the rent payment after my financial aid is given to me.

I need $40 for my cell phone bill and probably something like $30 for transit. The cell phone bill is due in six days, and my service will cut off if I don’t pay it. I know this is a long shot, but I don’t know what else to do besides beg for some assistance. Reblogging or donations will be endlessly appreciated.

Thank you.


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“If sex doesn’t matter, why should gender? People find their sexual orientation by being sexually driven to a gender. If you don’t have that drive, you also have no limitations.”

Despite being nonsexual, my attractions are still very gendered. I don’t see it as a limitation that I am more attracted to certain genders than others any more than it’s a limitation to not be attracted to every single person. Limitation implies choice, and I have never chosen my attractions.

Limitations are just the barriers put up around us, either in our own personal lives or in our physical world. We don’t always put them there; sometimes they exist from birth (like sexual orientation). Sexual orientation isn’t a choice and neither are your limitations. By being nonsexual or asexual, you don’t have sexual barriers to contend with because you were born without them. And that’s beautiful.

If barriers are “put up,” that implies that someone made a conscious decision. Asexuals also have romantic orientations, which you seem to be neglecting.

Bolding mine

Razmakaz, as a romantic asexual, I find your statements both creepy and erasing. As metapianycist mentioned, there are asexual people with romantic orientations. Even aromantic ace people can have non-romantic attractions based on gender.

People on the ace spectrum may also still have sex drives to contend with, as sex drive and sexual attraction are not the same thing. They also have varying levels of comfort with sex. Some people may enjoy sex. Some people may only enjoy some physical or sexual activities. Some people may enjoy none. Unless you blunder into a person (or persons) who match your preferences exactly, and you happen to get along fantastically, any relationship (romantic or otherwise) will have some level of mismatch and differing preferences among partners.

I feel like the above statements fundamentally misunderstand asexuality and nonsexuality, erase the complexities involved in these orientations (or lack thereof, depending on how a person defines them to themselves), and simplify all attractions to other people as either sexual or personality-based, which is simply not true. Gray aces and demis are not even mentioned.

On the creepy factor — I don’t like my sexuality being called “beautiful.” Sexuality should not be used to put someone on a pedestal. And as a person in a romantic relationship with someone who is not ace, I don’t like the implication that her sexuality is not as good as mine. That is absolutely not the case. Sexual orientations should not be ranked against each other.

You may want to read some more about what asexuality is from actual people on the ace spectrum before you make such broad assumptions about us.

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Testing for Cervical Cancer


Testing for Cervical Cancer
Anonymous said: For everyone wanting to be tested for cervical cancer but without the horrible outdated and very very inaccurate pap smears theres good news! You can get a simple blood test, the CSA test. Its fairly new in america because american doctors make big bucks off pap smears and dont want to switch over to the 100% accurate blood test. But if you look around or just ask I’m sure it isnt that hard to get one.
Look into this if for some reason you don’t want a pap smear. (Here’s one more link to get you started)
Also, is a great resource for transguys and cervical health.

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In 2008 in San Diego, a 7-year-old boy whose parents refused vaccines contracted measles while on a family trip to Switzerland. Before realizing how sick he was, the boy went to school and infected four other kids at school, after having already infected his two siblings. He then infected four other children who happened to be in the waiting room at his pediatrician’s office. Three of those children were too young to have received their MMR vaccines. One of those infants was hospitalized; another traveled on an airplane while infectious. This case is a sobering example of how one family’s decision not to vaccinate their children has serious consequences for other children.

But it isn’t as sobering as the case in January in Minnesota in which an Hib meningitis outbreak severely sickened four children and killed one infant. Of those five children, one was too young to be vaccinated, one had an immune deficiency, and the other three had parents who refused the vaccine. The child who died was among those three children whose parents, out of fear or personal belief, opted out of the vaccine.
My son has cancer. He can’t go into day care because of unvaccinated children. - Slate Magazine (via whenrobotsreproduce)

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Can someone tell me what the heck this means:

[K into back loop and front loop of next st, yo] 5 times

I mean I understand “5 times” and the literal abbreviations but putting it together into actual directions is

I looked up knitting into the back loop and front loop separately, but I don’t understand

How to put them together

or why “next stitch” is mentioned


Basically, putting them together… It may be more helpful to find a video, and I shall grab one in a sec once I have made my clumsy attempt at words, but: You knit into the front loop of the stitch like normal, but once you’ve pulled the new stitch through, you do not slip the old one off the left needle. Instead, you put your right needle back into that same stitch, but this time through the back loop, and knit that. Then you slip the stitch off, and make your yo.

(Next stitch is just mentioned to specify that that you’re knitting into the front and back loop of the same stitch, I think, rather than knitting the front loop of one stitch and then the back loop of the stitch after that.)

There’s videos here. Along with videos of probably all the increases you could ever want to look at. This particular increase is on the right hand side about halfway down and labelled “KFB Knit Front and Back”. It also has a video on yarnovers, right at the bottom. (There’s two videos for every stitch: if you knit with the yarn held in your right hand, watch the “english” one, and if you knit with it in your left hand, watch the “continental” one.)

… I really, really should just make a separate knitting help tumblr.

This is amazing! Thank you :)

Knitting videos are my friend. I don’t know if I could have learned to knit before the internet, haha. Not unless my grandmother was around full-time to show me what the heck to do.

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You knit into the front of the stitch and the back of the stitch to increase? So like, you knit AND purl into the same stitch?


That makes much more sense

Thank you

I forget what yarnovers are, though.

Now knowing that it is a separate term, instead of combining it with the others, that should be easier to Google

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Can someone tell me what the heck this means:

[K into back loop and front loop of next st, yo] 5 times

I mean I understand “5 times” and the literal abbreviations but putting it together into actual directions is

I looked up knitting into the back loop and front loop separately, but I don’t understand

How to put them together

or why “next stitch” is mentioned


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Oklahoma judge bars trans people from changing names





Oh cool I’m a fraudster in Oklahoma. “Citing the Bible, Judge Bill Graves says transgender men and women are changing their names for ‘fraudulent purposes’”

This only has 6 notes because… Why? This is important people.

If you’re cis you can change your name to Optimus Prime and no one asks to see your alt mode.

Ugh. ;_;

At the bottom of the linked article, there is a petition asking this judge to resign.

Screw this judge.

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Going on Ravelry makes me remember

Just how awful my spatial comprehension is

I seriously cannot follow any of these directions if they’re not in video form

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